The ERO Calculator

advanced technology to validate investment strategies

Use the ERO Calculator to determine the optimal investment strategy to meet an investor’s goals (i.e. retirement, net worth, passive income, travel, healthcare). 

The ERO Calculator is internationally applicable and uniquely adjusts equity exposure to determine the optimal investment returns required to achieve an investor’s financial goal.

The calculator’s flexibility makes it easy to navigate quarterly and yearly investment adjustments.

TRY it now to see how easy it is to 
determine the right investment strategy

for your clients and prospects.

Step 1 - Enter your prospect’s current age

Step 2 - Enter their total annual income

Step 3 - Enter the value of their current investable assets

Step 4 - Determine their goal:   
Retirement  or Build Net Worth (i.e build assets to a specific amount to achieve goals like travel, education, healthcare, etc).

Step 5 - Enter the goal parameters:

  • For Retirement, enter their ideal retirement age, monthly contributions, estimated retirement expenses, and life expectancy.
  • For Build Net Worth, enter the age they want to achieve their goal, target net worth amount, and monthly contributions.

Click submit and you’re done!

Enter your current information:

What is your financial goal?:

Build Net Worth

ERO’s powerful calculator will now show you the following solutions -

1. The required rate of return needed to achieve the goal

 2. The ERO Portfolio to achieve this rate of return from 1 - Conservative to 5 - Aggressive

3. An assumption on inflation and fund fees

SCHEDULE A DEMO today to see how the ERO Optimizer will help you quickly and accurately construct a portfolio, using the investment options available at your firm, to achieve these financial goals.

Investing in financial securities involves risk. The higher the Essential Returns Objective, the greater the potential for significant loss of principle. Ignoring or underestimating the Essential Returns Objective increases the risk of not replacing a sufficient amount of future cash flow needs. Sortino Investment Analytics, LLC (SIA) makes no assurances, implied or implicit, that the Essential Return Objective assigned to each investor will be achieved nor if achieved will result in replacing a significant amount of future cash flow needs. The ERO program should only be used as a starting point to assist in determining the requirements needed to meet future cash flow needs. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.