Robobucks strategic asset allocation

Question Investor Expectations

Robobucks strategic asset allocation

Why You Should Question Investor Expectations

In 1999 clients were demanding, “Get me in this market at any price.”

In 2009 those same clients were demanding, “Get me out of this market at any price.”

In 2019 clients again demanding, “Get me in this market at any price.”

And now we want to base the achievement of financial goals on their risk tolerance? 

We are emotional beings, some more than others, and everyone has clients whose investment tolerance ranges from manageable to irrational.

Before the market sends your client base on another wild ride and postpones their financial goals by another handful of years, take control of their financial future for them with investment strategies driven by data, not emotions. 

The firms that do so will own the industry. How?


Have you found following the masses all running in the same direction is the key to investment success? 

When was following the crowd the best business model? 

It is time to turn our thinking around towards investing for smart growth.

Are your clients ambivalent about whether their investment return is negative or positive in a given year?


Advisors hired to beat the market or outperform means to me the client is just as content with negative returns as they are positive returns – as long as they beat the market. 

I will bet the next meaningful correction might color this assessment.

Yes, it will happen again.

It is time to think differently.

What if there was a better way?

There is.

A couple of Nobel Prize-winning economists (Kahneman + Sharpe) think they found it.

The question remains – can you think differently?

What if we could increase the probability of successfully achieving the required annualized return to achieve success for your client? 

How about we put the growth of your firm on a steady, more sure footing while giving your clients confidence and peace of mind?

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