The Return-Driven approach to
More Assets & Less Risk

science-based Growth & Risk-Tested Investment strategies

Introducing ERO

Transforming financial advice from risk-based to post-modern goal-based investing for better performance, client retention, referrals and revenue.

Welcome to the post-modern portfolio approach which helps
Financial Advisors & CIOs efficiently eliminate poor performing investments and accelerate asset accumulation with simplified investment strategies powered by Nobel Prize winning formulas.

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Goals-based financial advice 

Do you want to manage more of your clients' assets?

With ERO, your conversations focus on the entire financial well-being and goals of your clients and prospects.

By showing them how their goals can be achieved, your opportunities for managing more of their assets increases.

ERO's comprehensive platform empowers Financial Advisors to provide clients with a financial strategy that's focused on genuine results which align with their lifestyle goals.

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Strengthen your FIRm

Better analytics. Better portfolios. Better Results.

Powered by the scientific and statistical research of -

Memorial Prize 
Daniel Kahneman


University of Pennsylvania

Nobel Memorial
 Prize Laureate
William F.

ERO is the only platform in the world that
statistically verifies when active managers add value to an all-passive portfolio.

Unlock better results for your clients in minutes by asking 5 simple questions to produce more accurate investment strategies which support your fiduciary responsibilities.

ERO Drives Success With Goals

With ERO financial advice is centered around
your client's actual goals and lifestyle, rather than just risk and loss. 
Smart analytics focused on buying low and selling high.

That’s what ERO offers you.

Financial Advisor Benefits

Increase productivity by building faster, more accurate portfolios

Attract and retain clients by providing superior investment solutions

Increase revenue, reduce costs, and save time 

Improved results that build trust and accelerate asset accumulation

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What other Financial Advisors say

ERO easily supports forward-thinking Advisors & CIOs

Our revolutionary platform has transformed the strategies of financial firms.

The Optimizer allows me, as a portfolio manager, the flexibility to create, test, and modify our models to determine which combination of funds will allow us the best chance of meeting our risk and return objectives. Also, the granularity of the data in the Optimizer is crucial to understanding the drivers of performance for each set of models."

James Baldwin, CIO , LaSalle St. Securities

For the creation and monitoring of investment portfolios, I’ve subscribed to so many different software platforms. ERO's technology is the only one that I feel is truly necessary for getting down to business. It instantly makes the advisor’s job of investment selection plug-and-play. We now have the time to bring everything back in-house and don’t have to use separate managers.

John Bergstrom, CFP , Cardinal Wealth Advisors

Our mutual fund selection tool had literally thousands of filtering categories. Who has that kind of time? We feel ERO is exactly what is needed now and is perfect for today’s market volatility. Our advisors know exactly how to apply it and more importantly, our clients understand it.

John Bergstrom, CFP , Cardinal Wealth Advisors


How important is it for you to confidently recommend
an investment strategy that will meet or exceed your clients' goals?

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